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Stephan Miller

CPND was formed by the merger of Stephan Miller’s Capitol Punishment and Karl Englehardt’s National Defense. They joined creative forces in 1998 and CPND was born. From this was forged more than a message board: CPND is a rich world-wide community of passionate fans and friends, some of whom have been posting together since the earliest days of the internet.

Stephan, an internet visionary and former professional animal trainer, tragically lost his life on April 22, 2008 while shooting a television ad with a grizzly bear. His spirit lives on in the hearts of all who new him and especially within the confines of CPND.

CPND is always looking for new members to discuss the Redskins with and help "keep the dream alive."

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Hog Fest

"Hog Fest is a time to meet and greet forum members and enjoy a game."


Hog Fest is the official CPND tailgate held once a year since 1999. It is a chance for forum members to put names to faces, enjoy a nice fan party, and of course, a Redskins game! Members have traveled from as far as Australia and The United Kingdom to attend.

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Welcome to Shout Box!
skinsfootball23: I want a blue chip guy, don't wanna trade back unless there isn't someone we consider dominate Dec 14, 2014 16:03:21 GMT -5
skinsfootball23: just gotta ask, anyone think we make a run a Suh? Dec 14, 2014 16:03:40 GMT -5
Scotskin: Nah, once bitten... Dec 14, 2014 16:03:57 GMT -5
joewash: Too expensive Dec 14, 2014 16:04:05 GMT -5
roysanie: way too expensive and we have way too many holes Dec 14, 2014 16:04:24 GMT -5
skinsfootball23: I'm not saying I want to, just saying he seems like a name the Redskins salivate over Dec 14, 2014 16:04:31 GMT -5
scottyj: do i think we should, no, do i think we will Probably Dec 14, 2014 16:04:37 GMT -5
roysanie: although I'd welcome a player of his tenacity Dec 14, 2014 16:04:37 GMT -5
Scotskin: exactly, he goes to a struggling team with a big gap in Cap to make up Dec 14, 2014 16:04:47 GMT -5
Scotskin: His best bit would be to go to the Seahawks on a decent price Dec 14, 2014 16:05:27 GMT -5
purdueskin: Suh is too expensive and a potential bust... so we'll assuredly to a large contract with a tone of guaranteed money Dec 14, 2014 16:05:28 GMT -5
joewash: Bad fall Dec 14, 2014 16:05:41 GMT -5
roysanie: this team showed us a little something today. Dec 14, 2014 16:06:04 GMT -5
roysanie: wasn't as frustrating a loss as some others. Dec 14, 2014 16:06:15 GMT -5
joewash: Not enough Dec 14, 2014 16:06:22 GMT -5
roysanie: well obviously, but there is some improvement. Dec 14, 2014 16:06:38 GMT -5
roysanie: Can't wait for the draft. Dec 14, 2014 16:07:05 GMT -5
joewash: Thanks for the talk, otherwise I'd be throwing things. See ya Dec 14, 2014 16:07:19 GMT -5
southskin: lol, take care, Bob Dec 14, 2014 16:07:56 GMT -5
roysanie: take it easy brother! Dec 14, 2014 16:08:04 GMT -5